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DataVault Password Manager for Mac

Version 7.0 (beta)

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  • Implemented Safari extension to autofill website logins.
  • Added support for TouchID.
  • Fixed tab field order issue on item edit form.
  • Improved item view and edit screen.

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Version 6.3.8

  • Fixed display issues for Mac OS Mojave users having set Preferences > General > Appearances to Dark.

Version 6.3.7

  • Implemented pop-up to display long field labels when hovering over field.
  • Improvements to Item view mode.
  • Fixed blurred field issue on Mac OS Mojave when when editing Items.
  • Fixed Item name alignment issue in edit mode.
  • Fixed issue disabling Duplicate button when DataVault window resized.

Version 6.2.44

  • Localized to German & French.
  • Fixed issues with Wi-Fi synchronization.
  • Improved in-app help.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 6.2.28

  • Fixed issue causing browser not to open when clicking on link in DataVault.
  • Fixed crash occuring during sync for some users.
  • Updated website addresses for user guide and FAQ.
  • Localized to Russian.

Version 6.2.23

  • Added settings to configure font size and type.
  • Added settings for default template, category and type.
  • Improved usability of Item Details screen. When mouse hovers over clipboard and mask icons, row color changes to blue.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock when screensaver is activated.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock on sleep.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock when fast user switching.
  • Implemented security setting to Lock when a Mac screen locked.
  • Improved tab navigation in Item Details Screen.
  • Added sort settings to DataVault Preferences.
  • Enhanced DataVault Preferences screens with tabs.
  • Improved Dropbox and iCloud synchronization.
  • Implemented setting to Clear Clipboard on Exit.
  • Added Restore from DVX option to restore window.
  • Implemented item printing in alphabetical order.
  • Added support for Dropbox Synchronization API version 2.
  • Fixed issue which caused URLs to be blurry when clicking on them.
  • Fixed issue of displaying multi-line URLs.
  • Improved layout of Item Details Screen.
  • Added Window controls to login screen.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.

Version 6.1.5

  • Fixed issues with icon selector.
  • Improved sync icon animation in menu bar.

Version 6.0.22

  • Increased master password maximum size from 16 to 36 characters.
  • Improved sync algorithm to reduce conflicts between devices.
  • Implemented seemless, automatic sync for iCloud based on CloudKit.
  • Improvements to Dropbox synchronization to automatically poll and update.
  • All features previously included in DataVault Premium IAP are included in the standard version.
  • Fixed bug causing start-up crash on some configurations.
  • Deprecated Webdav sync.

Version 5.3.46

  • Fixed display issues for Mac OS X 10.9 users.
  • Added word wrap back to item note field.
  • Corrected copy icon display issue.

Version 5.3.41

  • Numerous enhancements to the Item details panel including layout, fonts, background color.
  • Field labels truncated instead of wrapped. Expand main window to expand label size.
  • Improved usability of Copy to Clipboard and Mask icons in item details screen.
  • Increased maximum Security Timeout value from 10 to 60 minutes.
  • Fixed issue causing startup hang in some circumstances when user selects iCloud sync.
  • Added Clear Clipboard on Exit option to DataVault Preferences.
  • Implemented persistency for tree view so DataVault remembers position between startups.
  • iCloud sync now syncs field masking information reliably.
  • Selecting iCloud from Synchronization Settings initiates Sync Now to avoid delays.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes to iCloud sync.
  • Clicking on "x" in search field now maintains focus and cursor live for next search string.
  • New templates for standard version including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon & LinkedIn.
  • Over 20 new templates for DataVault Premium including Whatsapp, Evernote, Craig's List.
  • Fixed synchronization settings persistency issue.
  • Fixed issues with conflict resolution settings.
  • Improved Restore from Automatic Backups to display most recent first.
  • Blank Category and Type fields replaced with Unfiled to reduce display errors in tree view.
  • Improved in-app purchase screen layout and purchase flow.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to in-app help.

Version 5.2.39

  • Yosemite enhancements such as translucent panels for tree and list views when DataVault window is active.
  • iCloud synchronization with DataVault for iOS (sold separately) in addition to Dropbox, and Wi-Fi. Please note: Until Apple merges iCloud and iCloud Drive, you must select one or the other on all devices.
  • Improved toolbar icons to match cleaner, flatter look of Mac OS X.
  • Improved mask & copy to clipboard icons.
  • Added Synchronization and Logout buttons to toolbar.
  • Improved layout of Setup Password and Synchronization Settings windows.
  • Added hi-res item icons for retina screens.
  • Moved Add, Edit & Delete buttons to bottom of item details panel.
  • Improved usability of buttons at bottom-right of main window for expanding and collapsing list and folder views.
  • Improved layout of item details panel.
  • Improved synchronization conflict resolution for items with long notes.
  • Enhanced list view with alternating line shading to distinguish rows.
  • Added IP Address to Sync Settings window to verify it is the same on both devices.
  • Fixed issue of adding an item when category & type filters are active. Now displays added item.
  • Fixed Chrome Save Form issue which required restarting DataVault to display newly added item.
  • Fixed vertical scrollbar issue after editing an item.
  • Fixed issue of sync settings persistence.
  • Improved login window.

Version 5.1.18

  • Implemented advanced security API available in OSX version 10.7 or above. Users of OSX 10.6.x or below should see our support page for options.
  • 256-bit AES encryption (Premium) using Password-Based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF) and salting to insure the highest level of security offered by any password manager. See Preferences > Advanced > Encryption Level.
  • Redesigned 200 item icons embracing trend to flatter user interfaces such as iOS7.
  • 90 additional item icons (Premium), bringing total to 200.
  • Dropbox Auto-Sync (Premium) to automatically sync with DataVault for iOS.
  • Improved plugins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox for automatic logins and form saving.
  • Enhanced item detail display to eliminate white space before item notes.
  • Added Delete Item to context menu when Control clicking on an item.
  • Enhanced password generator randomizer.
  • Improved panel screen layout.
  • Improved text menu layout.
  • Fixed display issue after adding item.

Version 4.6

  • Implemented application sandboxing, as required by Apple, to enhance file security. DataVault browser add-ons need to be updated to work with this version, see user guide.
  • Updated Dropbox synchronization protocol. If you synced using Dropbox in previous versions then go to Synchronization Settings, re-link to Dropbox and restart DataVault.
  • Improved Safari, Chrome & Firefox add-ons to autofill web forms, see user guide for instructions.
  • Changed shortcut for adding item to Command-N.
  • Added Command-A shortcut to select all field contents and notes.
  • Added Command-F shortcut to search for item.
  • Added Command-L shortcut to logout.
  • Added Print and Delete to item context menu.
  • Improved application launch icon.
  • Enhanced copy-to-clipboard options.
  • Improved edit item usability.
  • Rendered Mac Dock accessible when logging in to DataVault.
  • Moved conflict resolution options to Synchronization Settings.
  • Added scroll bar to notes field in conflict resolution window.
  • Fixed issues causing form to clear when adding items.
  • Several other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version 4.5

  • Improved Dropbox Sync with DataVault for handhelds (sold separately).
  • Added shortcuts; Command-E for edit, Command-S for save, Shift-Command-S to synchronize.
  • Added menu options for edit, save and delete item in addition to home screen buttons.
  • Enhanced search settings to include field labels, contents and notes in addition to item name.
  • Improved several item icons.
  • Improved automatic backup for special cases such as user canceling login after timeout.
  • Added Sync Settings button to Sync Windows.
  • Fixed forced quit when data file folder and automatic backup folder changed in Preferences simultaneously.
  • Improved SplashID VID file import.
  • Several improvements to help text.

Version 4.4

  • Implemented fix for Mac OS X Lion in version 4.4.18, see FAQ for more information.
  • Added web form autofill support for Firefox version 5, see FAQ.
  • Created Firefox Add-On (plug-in, extension) to autofill web forms with items stored in DataVault for Mac.
  • Added Save Form feature to DataVault Add-On for Firefox. Fill a form with appropriate values then click on Save Form button before submitting to add item to DataVault.
  • Added Gererate Password button to DataVault Add-On for Firefox.
  • Added skip-ahead searching to Firefox Add-On. Click on Web Form in DataVault bar then type letter to skip to first item in drop-down list beginning with the letter. Continue typing letter to move to next occurences.
  • Implemented automatic backup feature. Creates multiple backups in /users/username/Documents folder when item details are modified.
  • Added Preference setting to change the folder in which automatic backups are stored.
  • When clicking on copy-to-clipboard icon in item form, user is alerted if field contents includes a leading or trailing blank to avoid errors using passwords on internet forms.
  • Added ability to select multiple items by holding down Command key to delete items or move them to another folder.
  • Fixed issue of importing CSV files with Unicode characters such as accented vowels in certain languages.
  • Enhanced cut & paste from item form to work in view mode in addition to edit mode.
  • Clicking on item name or field labels in item view now switches to edit mode.
  • Implemented "Import from 1Password" under File > Import menu in addition to numerous other 3rd party applications.
  • Enhanced notes field editing return to line, copy from view mode.
  • Fixed compatibility issues when exporting and importing DataVault Exchange (*.DVX) files between DataVault for Windows and DataVault for Mac.
  • Cursor now starts in search field on start-up.
  • Other minor enchancements; improved graphics & help text, added confirmation to cancel sync.

Version 4.3

  • Implemented sync via Mobile Me with DataVault for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.
  • Implemented sync via free WebDav servers; Swissdisk.com, Box.net, GMX.net, MyDisk.se, MyDrive.ch
  • Added 2-way synchronization based on application file sharing (OS v3.2 and above). Provides ability to sync using iTunes and data cable.
  • Implemented synchronization using IP address. This allows users to synchronize over fixed line (Ethernet) cable as long as desktop has a fixed IP address.
  • Added communication port number to synchronize settings. This allows user to select a different port in case other applications are using or blocking the default port.
  • Implemented synchronization by email with DataVault for BlackBerry.
  • Implemented Preferences in DataVault menu bar with numerous user defined settings.
  • Added ability to move data file to any folder.
  • Added Time Out duration setting in Preferences. This allows user to set an inactivity delay after which DataVault will require user to login again.
  • Implemented Time Out Action in Preference so user can choose whether to Lock or Exit DataVault when Time Out duration has been exceeded.
  • Added Maximum Login Attempts in Preferences to choose how many times a user can enter the wrong password before erasing data.
  • Added Password Box Style selection to allow user to choose between larger login screen with vault background or smaller, text-only login window.
  • Implemented Synchronization Conflict Resolution options in Preferences. When user has edited the same item on handheld and desktop, user can choose between following options to resolve conflict; Manually, Desktop Wins, Handheld Wins. 
  • Added Confirm Deletions option to synchronization settings. 
  • Added animation and sound effects to user login screen. Animation can be skipped an sound effects can be turned off in Preferences.
  • Implemented Import > CSV (comma separated values) to import user created text file or CSV files exported from Cryptmagic, MiniSafe, SplashID, Turbo Passwords, Password Plus, Palm Secret, KeePass & mSecure by mSeven Software.
  • Added Custom option to Import > CSV menu option to map fields from text file to desired position in DataVault.
  • Implemented Export to CSV.
  • Improved category & type selection issues when adding or editing and item.
  • Improved Add Item feature; defaults to most recent category & type, cursor focus moves to item name field.
  • Fixed issue of strength meter displaying Strong password without entering punctuation mark.
  • Fixed Passwords Mismatch alert.
  • Improved print items feature to include all fields for each items and list items in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed toolbar customization "save on exit" issue.
  • Numerous minor improvements and fixes; improved tree-view open & close folder icons, item highlight bar; escape out of icon matrix, added grayed out "Edit label", "Edit value" markers to empty item form, in-app help text, submit login password with return, fixed Notes field sync issue, added "DataVault" in synchronization service header to facilitate selection from handheld.

Version 4.2

  • Implemented application file sharing for iPads running OS version 3.2 and above. Allows a users to import and export files in DataVault exchange format (DVX) including items, categories & types. Can be used to exchange files with DataVault for Mac or DataVault for Windows desktops.
  • Implemented synchronization wirelessly over Wi-Fi with DataVault for BlackBerry in addition to DataVault for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.
  • Implemented maximum login attempts "auto-destruct" to erase data after user enter wrong password five times.
  • Added Expand/Collapse button below tree view.
  • Implemented full database import & export in XML with category and type for each item.
  • Fixed problem with importing and exporting item notes over 2,000 characters in size.
  • Added Total Entries counter under left hand panel.
  • Changed login screen to default to masked password.
  • Improved item form layout.

Version 4.1

  • Clipboard cleared when quitting DataVault.
  • Added checkbox to mask or unmask password when logging in to DataVault.
  • Added strength meter to password generator. Strength meter displays whether the password selected by the user is strong, good or weak based on industry accepted guidelines for password selection.
  • Add Hint option so user can decide if they want to create a question that will remind user of master password if correctly answered.
  • Improved list view to show several item fields in columns.
  • Implemented Duplicate Item feature to create copy of active item with "Copy" added to item name. Save time when entering new items.
  • Implemented Hide/Show button below item details panel. Hiding item form makes more space available to show items in list view.
  • Fixed synchronization issue generating "Error parsing" warning messages.

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